What makes the Snap-in-Place™ System Special?

Our innovative and patented Snap-in-Place™ system is one of the features of the Slumber Sleeper™ that truly sets it apart from other safe sleep solutions.

Our Polyacetal Resin Snaps are built into the Slumber Sleeper™ so that Swanling Innovations Slumber accessories can snap in place, making “loose” bedding and soft toys a thing of the past, keeping baby safer. By using the Snap-in-Place™ System parents can feel confident about swaddling their child safely with the Slumber Swaddle™ as it will be held in place by the Snap-in-Place™ System even if the child tries to wiggle out- the blanket stays in place. The Snap-in-Place™ System on the Slumber Sleeper™ also has the additional benefit of allowing children to bring their favorite Slumber Silkie™or Slumber Swan™ to bed with them and keep it within hands reach without fear of entanglement or losing it in the middle of the night after being tossed from the crib or bed. The safe sleep environment the Snap-in-Place™ System offers is something every parent will appreciate.